Clear into the Classroom Games

Use your skills and your smarts to play the exciting games below, and see how high your score can get while learning even more fun facts about the environment.

Grades K-1

Spot the DifferenceSpot the Difference
Find the differences in two estuary landscapes with grasses, birds, horseshoe crabs, and water.

Match Game
Match two wildlife images to uncover a photo and fact about the life cycle of our fluttering friends.

Ty D. Turtle’s Matching Game
Match two water-related images to learn more about beaches and water safety. (via U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Save Splash the Raindrop
Help save Splash the Raindrop by collecting rainwater in a barrel. (via Scholastic)

Minnesota Bird Songs
Hear the unique tunes of a variety of species of birds. (via Minnesota Conservation Volunteer)


Grades 2-3

CITCgame 2-3Save the Eggs
Help horseshoe crab eggs make it safely to the water while avoiding red knot birds and pollution.

Save Our Beach
Protect water at the beach from nearby pollutants and bacteria with the help of Ty the Turtle. (via U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Thirstin’s Word Scramble Game
Use your smarts to unscramble letters and learn fun water facts. (via U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Down the Drain You Go!
Find out what happens to water once it goes down the drain, and learn more about your own water habits. (via Michigan Water Stewardship Program)

The Blue Traveler
Travel through the water cycle and answer science questions. (via Project WET)


Grades 4-5

River Run
Help Herman the Horseshoe Crab return to the river by avoiding rocks, driftwood, and crabs along the way.

CITCgame 4-5Let’s Go Swimming!
Take a trip to the beach with Robert and Judy and help finish their story. (via U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Go with the Flow
See how different things like temperature affect water currents in the ocean. (via NASA Space Place)

Streetwater Village
Become mayor of Sweetwater Village and help the residents keep their water clean. (via Michigan Water Stewardship Program)

Test Your Water Sense
Make your way through a maze and answer questions about water to get to the finish. (via U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)