Eco Ranger Club

EcoRanger-homeDear Teachers,

We are very pleased to introduce you and your students to the Eco Ranger Club, which is part of the Clear into the Classroom initiative. A key goal of this new program is to help nurture both individual and collaborative (or group) stewardship of our environment among elementary-level students and their families.

More specifically, through the different resources available on the Clear into the Classroom website, we will promote grade-appropriate, hands-on science activities related to the environment wherever you may live in the United States or around the globe. One excellent way to achieve this is by having your students experience neighborhood/community-based field trips that teach students ways to protect and/or improve some aspect of their local environment. In the process, you will also give your students opportunities to have memorable service-learning experiences.

In essence, the Eco Ranger Club is a way for you and your students to be recognized for understanding the importance of being committed stewards who take an active role in their local environment.

We encourage you to sign up today!

The Clear into the Classroom Team